Analyzing Your Traffic

Having website analytics software will help turn traffic into customers. Analytics software tracks the behaviour of your website visitors, helping you see which areas of your website are the most popular and effective in bringing you customers. It gives you insight on how your online advertising campaigns are converting into sales.

Visitor Behaviour

At the basic level, RedChair can tell you a lot about your website visitors.

Advanced Tracking and Conversion Rate Optimization

RedChair can run a number of tests on your site to get a much better understanding of how your visitors interact with your website. Heat maps show you where your visitors move their mouse around your pages. This can answer important questions for you such as:

Also, RedChair can show you actual movies of people visiting your website, showing you where their mouse moves and where they click. By using this information, it is much easier about moving important content around to position it more prominently. RedChair can also run usability tests to see if people can recognize your brand, quickly recognize what the purpose of your website is and if your call to action is easily found among other important issues.

Goal Conversion and Data Funnels

If you have a goal in mind, such as having people sign up for a newsletter, or purchasing a particular type of product, RedChair can track when website visitors meet that goal. By studying the behaviour of those who convert and those who don't, changes can be made to the website, how it is promoted or both. You can also assign a value to a goal to calculate your ROI and other metrics.

Data funnels are great for showing where visitors abandon the path to completing a goal. This is particularly useful for e-commerce sites during the checkout process but can be used for any goal.

E-Commerce Tracking

For your e-commerce site, being able to track both transaction and item information will help you make informed decisions about your online advertising campaigns. RedChair will be able to show you how you can better advertise products on your website.

RedChair can show you which medium is bringing you the most sales. Is it online advertising, Google's organic search results or something else? We can also show you which products are making the most revenue. You will be able to see how much you're spending advertising a particular product and compare it to the revenue to determine ROI. This is incredibly useful in determining your advertising budget.

RedChair will also be able to report which keyword generates a sale. You will be able to adjust your advertising budgets to focus on high performing keywords and focus less on underperforming keywords.

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