Social Media


The great benefit for advertising on Facebook is that you can target people based on gender, age, location and interests. You can have one set of ads for women between the ages of 30 and 40 and another set for men over 50.

Another great way to promote your business on Facebook is through branded Fan Pages. Your highly customized page can include a unique landing page, Twitter integration, YouTube videos, an RSS Feed from your blog, photo galleries, polls and coupons or special offers.

RedChair will also advise you on how to grow your Facebook fan base and help expose your business to potential customers.


Twitter is one of the fastest growing services on the internet. Twitter is easy to use and can be highly effective in promoting your business or organization.

RedChair can set up your account, train you on how to use Twitter through a smartphone, desktop application and through the Twitter website. We will also provide you with a custom designed background to further personalize your account.

RedChair also provides consultation on how to promote your account and grow your followers on Twitter.

YouTube, LinkedIn and More

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