Go beyond your pageviews.

It’s great to know how many people are going to your website but how are people using it? That is the question you deserve to have answered.

Analyzing your website traffic can be confusing. There are statistics to know and a multitude of tools to try and make sense of it.

Here is how RedChair can help you

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    Find Your Best Visitors

    It’s great to get a lot of people to your website but by finding out which ones are the most likely to buy a product or service or contact you is more important.

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    Return On Investment

    No one likes to throw money away, by finding out who is most likely to buy your products or services, we can then tailor your advertisements to attract more customers.

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    Go beyond the standard Google Analytics reports and find out what your customers really think. We don’t use any confusing terminology, just straight forward answers to straight forward questions.

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