Analytical tools enable you to measure and improve your website and online advertising using metrics that help you determine how to meet your business objectives.

Our Approach

A low-performing website will starve your return on investment and damage your brand. With the right analytics data, RedChair can explain why your website is performing poorly and help you return it to profitability. RedChair utilizes advanced analytics software to gather information about what is happening on your website.

We can tell you how users are behaving on your site, how many of them are signing up for newsletters, buying products or clicking on your contact page. We can tell you where your paying customers are coming from, how they found you and how to reach more of them. We will also help you identify the most important metrics for your business success and create goals to calculate how often users complete specific actions.

RedChair will help you make sense of all the statistics and data to make informed decisions on the direction of your website and advertising.

Where should you spend your next dollar? With data you need to make better decisions, RedChair can help you gain a clear understanding of how to improve your website and marketing campaigns to increase your return on investment.

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