Local SEO

Not every business has customers in every corner of the globe, more often than not, they are in every corner of your city.

Competition is increasing all the time, if you are not at the top of the rankings, you are missing out on potential customers in your own neighbourhood. By focusing on local SEO you can capture their attention and their business.

Local SEO involves more than just having your address on your website, here is what RedChair will do for you.

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    Competitive Analysis

    Who doesn’t want a competitive edge? We can analyze and compare your site to your competitors to find where we can improve your website.

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    Content Management

    You can redesign your website but when was the last time you rewrote it? By updating your site’s content, we can improve your standing with your customers and Google at the same time.

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    Is your website mobile friendly? One of the key indicators for search engine ranking is how well your website functions on mobile devices. Another benefit is that more and more of your customers areĀ using your website on their phones and tablets.

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    Directories and Networks

    There are a lot of business directories out there and finding out which ones you need to be listed in is crucial to your success. Not only does it put your website in front of their visitors but it helps with your SEO.

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