An Affordable Solution to Promote Your Website

Pay Per Click advertising is a great way for you to promote your business through the search engines. Not every small business can rank for highly competitive keywords, however PPC ads can close the competitive gap.

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    Set Your Budget

    With PPC ads, you spend as much as you want and adjust as necessary. You can spend more on keywords that are performing for you.

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    Content Quality

    Writing the perfect ad is a science but it doesn’t end there. To get more sales, the web page the ad links to will need to match the ad and RedChair can help you do that.

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    Keyword Targeting

    Knowing what keywords to target is critical to your PPC campaign’s success.¬†We will constantly monitor your account to make sure your time and money is not being wasted on ineffective keywords.

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    Conversion Rate

    Monitoring your PPC campaign goes beyond your ads’ performance. We need to know what people are doing when they are at your site. By checking to see which customers clicked through to purchase a product or contact you, we can more effectively target your ads to potential customers.

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