Website Development

We develop appealing websites that develop higher brand engagement, and more conversions by integrating expertise, technology, and creativity.

Our Approach

Design and Development

We meet with you to develop a blueprint with the important factors in mind. From there we design a few layouts for your feedback. Once you decide on the layout you want, we start making revisions, adding in content to complete the design. Once you have approved the final site, we test the functionality and launch the site.

Responsive Design

Each of our websites have a responsive design in that they adapt to whichever size screen they are viewed on. Your website will be visually appealing and function properly whether it is on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


It isn’t enough for a website to be visually appealing, it has to function the way you want it to. That means contact forms have to be set to the correct email accounts, links need to work properly and images cannot be missing.

It also means that the site should load quickly for your visitors. RedChair will test your site extensively before launch to ensure your visitors will have a memorable experience each and every time.

Our clean, professional web sites offer a user friendly look and feel that will draw in your customers and engage them. Inspire curiosity, heighten trust, and encourage new customers to contact you by establishing a credible digital presence they won’t forget.

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